2020 State Convention Open Thread

RPT Convention Data Sheet
Version 0.2, June 29, 9:20pm

Be sure to check this page frequently. It will be updated as new information becomes available.

Dates: July 16 – 18
Location: George R Brown Convention Center, 1001 Avenida De Las Americas, Houston, TX 77010, 713-853-8000
Webpage: https://www.texasgop.org/2020-state-convention/
Headquarters Hotel – Marriott Marquis Houston, 1777 Walker St, Houston, TX 77010, 713-654-1777
Williamson County Headquarters Hotel – Holiday Inn Express & Suites Houston-Dwtn Conv Ctr, 1810 Bell Street, Houston, TX 77003 713-652-9400

SD 5 Caucus Location –
CD 31 Caucus Location –

Registration information – Follow links at https://www.texasgop.org/2020-state-convention/ to pre-register. Bring registration confirmation email and photo id with barcode to receive credentials at convention. If you do not pre-register, you will need to register on site. In either case, bring a photo ID with you to the state convention! On-site registration and credential pickup will be Wednesday, July 15 from 2pm-8pm, and Thursday and Friday from 7am-7pm. Those who pre-registered should go to the Senate District 5 kiosk (booth) to check in.

Facilities Fee – While you do not have to pay the facilities fee, as Republicans we believe in paying our own way to cover our share of the expenses. Please pay the facilities fee if there is any way you can afford it. We need to show good citizenship and help pay for the convention. If you choose not to pay the facilities fee, you will have to register for the convention in Houston.

Contacting Chairman Armbruster while in Houston – He will have both email and cell phone with him – chairman@williamsoncountygop.org or 512-956-6761. Text messages preferred (identify yourself in message). He will be arriving on Wednesday, and leaving on Sunday.

Convention attire – Comfortable clothes, especially shoes! Patriotic is always in style at a convention. You may want to dress up a little more if attending one of the dinners or activities available to delegates, alternates and guests. The exhibit area will feature plenty of booths selling clothing, jewelry, and other items appropriate for the convention. Rooms tend to start out cold and then warm up as more people arrive. If you are sensitive to temperatures, you may want to bring a jacket/sweater, or layer. Remember Houston gets hot and humid in July.

Optional Friday night meal – We will be offering an optional BBQ meal (3 meats, 3 sides, dessert, and all the fixings) on Friday, July 17, at 6:45pm at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Houston-Dwtn Conv Ctr. Cost is $20, and advance reservations and payment is required by Tuesday, July 14. https://www.williamsoncountygop.org/shop/.

Web Page Open Thread – Place where delegates/alternates can post request for rooms, roommates, carpool, etc. https://www.williamsoncountygop.org/2020-state-convention-open-thread/

Seating – Seating for all general sessions and caucuses will be by county, with a separate seating area for alternates. Please be sure you are seated in the Williamson County section if you intend on voting.

Downtown Parking – See https://www.downtownhouston.org/parking/ or https://www.grbhouston.com/attendees/parking-maps-and-directions/

Ground Transportation – See RPT Convention page for additional information.
Rideshare – Uber, Lyft, and Taxis serve Houston. Downloading apps beforehand strongly encouraged.
Downtown Transportation – https://www.downtownhouston.org/getting-around/

Convention Leadership – Announced Candidates / Appointments

Chairman – James Dickey, Allen West
Vice Chairman – Alma Perez Jackson, Kat Parks
National Committeeman – Robin Armstrong
National Comitteewoman – Toni Anne Dashiell
SD 5 Committeeman – Bill Fairbrother
SD 5 Committeewoman – Jo Miller

Legislative Priorities Committee Chairman – Mark Ramsey – mark@ramseyweb.com
Credentials Committee Chairman – Summer Wise Yen – summerwisesd24@gmail.com
Organization Committee Chairman – Dr. Robin Armstrong – goprobin@gmail.com
Rules Committee Chairman – Vergel Cruz – cruzv@att.net
Platform and Resolutions Committee Chairman – Mark Dorazio – mdorazio@dorazioenterprises.com
State Nominations Committee Chairman –
National Nominations Committee Chairman –

Senate District 5 Temporary Committee Appointments

Credentials Committee: Kevin Counsil, Madison County – cookinkev@aol.com
Organization Committee: Cassie Daniel, Williamson County – cassdtx@gmail.com
Legislative Priorities Committee: Madeline Loosier, Walker County – mloosier@hotmail.com
Rules Committee: Susan Patrick, Grimes County – suspatgcrp@gmail.com
Platform and Resolutions Committee: Gina Bass Flores, Brazos County – Gina@GinaFlores.com
Caucus Chair: Mike McCloskey, Williamson County – mdmccloskey@hotmail.com

Tentative Convention Schedule

Also see https://www.texasgop.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/2020-Schedule-Public-DRAFT.pdf

Monday, July 13th
11:00 AM – Temporary Rules, Platform, and Legislative Priorities Committees
Tuesday, July 14th
11:00 AM – Temporary Rules, Platform, and Legislative Priorities Committees
Wednesday, July 15th
8:00 AM – Temporary Rules, Platform, and Legislative Priorities Committees
11:00 AM – Temporary Credentials and Organization Committees
11:00 AM – Temporary Organization Committee
2:00 PM – Registration Opens (closes at 8:00 PM)
2:00 PM – Trade Show Opens (closes at 7:30 PM)
4:00 PM – SREC Meeting
Thursday, July 16th
7:00 AM – Registration (closes at 7:00 PM)
8:00 AM – Trade Show (closes at 6:30 PM)
9:00 AM – First General Meeting
11:30 AM – First Senatorial District Caucus
1:30 PM – First Congressional District Caucus
3:00 PM – Breakout Session #1
3:30 PM – Permanent Platform, Rules, Legislative Priorities, and National Nominations Committees
4:30 PM – Permanent Credentials Committee
4:30 PM – Breakout Session #2
6:30 PM – Welcome Event – Comedy and the Constitution with Rick Green and Brad Stine
Friday, July 17th
7:00 AM – Registration (Closes at 7:00 PM)
7:00 AM – Grassroots Club Breakfast
7:00 AM – Trade Show Opens (Closes at 6:30 PM)
8:00 AM – Second Senatorial District Caucus
9:30 AM – Second General Meeting
9:30 AM – State Nominations Committee Meeting
9:30 AM – National Nominations Committee
12:00 PM – TFRW Luncheon (Marriott)
12:00 PM – Lunch and Learns
1:30 PM – Third General Meeting
7:00 PM – RPT Gala
Saturday, July 18th
7:00 AM – Prayer and Worship Gathering
7:00 AM – National Nominations Committee
8:00 AM – Trade Show (Closes at 2:00 PM)
8:00 AM – Registration Opens (Closes at 2:00 PM)
8:00 AM – Second Congressional District Caucus
12:00 PM – Congressional Luncheon
1:30 PM – Fourth General Meeting
4:00 PM – Convention Concludes
TBD – SREC Meeting (after adjournment)
TBD – National Delegate Meeting (after adjournment)

Additional Convention Events/Activities

Thursday, July 16, 3:30pm -5:30pm – TFRW’s Happy Hour at Home Plate.

  • Partial listing at time of printing. Please contact organization or campaign for more details, reservations,
    and such.
  • All information should be considered tentative (especially in the era of Covid-19), but accurate as of the time of distribution. Check with Bill Fairbrother (bill.fairbrother@gopusa.com) for latest version of the data sheet, or to provide corrections/additions.